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The organization is devoted to the cause of uplift of masses, especially women, and to eradicate through Social Revolution the Evil Custom of Dowry from the Society. Our main object is to educate the masses. The Movement operates through its various activities in which we are concentrating on creating public awareness against the various old and outdated Evil Customs in the Society such as DOWRY.

One of the causes of Social instability is Dowry System Prevalent in our society. Due to natural selfishness of the educated and slavish adherence to age-old customs and traditions of the uneducated, the sensitivity of the people is so blunted that the Dowry System, which rampant, persists unchecked in our country. The Dowry System is against the principals of equality among men and women embodied in the Constitution of our country. The State has passed laws banning the Dowry System and giving equal share to men & women in the ancestral property. But Social Legislation cannot be automatically implemented unless they are backed by the Public Opinion. The pangs and the sufferings of the parents who cannot afford to pay Dowry and also of girls who remain unmarried on this count are on the increase. It is alarming to note that the suicides committed by the young girls due to the menace of Dowry are increasing. We have taken a serious note of the situation and have started vigorous campaign in Universities and Colleges to educate the YOUTH. In order to eradicate this Social Evil, people especially the Youth of this country should come forward.

We have noticed shocking reports in the press regarding the crime against women in Maharashtra State which shows that there has been 361 DOWRY DEATHS during the year 2010 and crime related to Dowry is reported every hour. Report given by National Crime Record Bureau for the year 2010 is also alarming which shows nationwide picture of crime against women. In the year 2010 total 8391 DOWRY DEATHS have been reported. In view of this serious situation we have decided to work tirelessly and intensify our efforts to create awareness among the people, especially the Youth. We have planned to work in various Districts in Maharashtra and details appear else where in the report.


Name : Anti Dowry Movement, Bombay.

Established on 1st May 1973

Registration No :F 8194 (BOM)


Income Tax Exemption Certificate No. u/s 80G :

DIT(E)/ITO(Tech)/80G/1019/2010-11 dated 31.1.2011.

Telephone No : 022-26836834

Fax No : 022-26836132.

Mobile Nos : 9819373522 / 9819539193.


Born on 5th December, 1913 Shri D. B. alias Mamasaheb Kulkarni was a disciple of Late SANE GURUJI under whose tutelage he had imbibed the knowledge and inspiration for Social Work. Shri Kulkarni had worked in our National Freedom Movement at Amalner, Dist. Jalgaon, Maharashtra (during 1938 to 1947) during the emergency period declared by the British Government with SANE GURUJI. During this period Sane Guruji stayed with him when he was underground in disguise. Both came to Mumbai after the independence and worked together till Sane Guruji breathed his last.

Shri Kulkarni had never availed any benefit as Freedom Fighter as it was against the principles taught to him by Sane Guruji. Shri Kulkarni had devoted himself to the cause of creating awareness among the masses, especially the Youth and Women for more than six decades. He organized awareness campaigns and gave lectures on the subjects:

1.Indian Culture and DOWRY System,

2.DOWRY and Evil Custom,

3.Life & Teachings of Sane Guruji which also included various memories of Freedom Struggle and Sane Guruji, in various Universities, Colleges, National Service Scheme Camps, Youth & Women's Organization to spread the message of Humanity and National Integrations. A large number of young students have taken oath against various evil customs such as Dowry and to curb Blind Faith from the Society. During the last thirty years he had delivered more than 5000 lectures and had addressed more than 15 lacs of people/Youth & inspired a large number of young Volunteers. Even till 30th September 2011 at the age of 98 years he was working at the table and had finanlised the awareness campaign for ANTI DOWRY WEEk i.e. from 26 Nov. till 3rd Dec. 2011.

Following are some Honours and Awards bestowed on him for his selfless and dedicated service towards humanity. He breathed his last on 3rd October 2011 at the age of 98 years & 10 months. He donated his Eyes and Body to J. J. Hospital, Mumbai and his last wish was fulfilled by his daughter Ms. Asha Kulkarni. Our rich tributes to the departed soul of our beloved Mamasaheb Kulkarni.

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Our Address:
Anti Dowry Movement, Bombay,
4/50 - Vishnu Prasad Society, Shahaji Raje Marg.
Freedom Fighter Mamasaheb Kulkarni Chowk, Vile Parle(East),Mumbai 400 057.

Phone No : 9819373522
Email : antidowry498a@gmail.com